Vision, mission, values


The role of window treatment is to create moments and design atmospheres both in homes and businesses.

With Decoline, consumers have endless combinations on offer to be able to create the right ambiance.


To continuously develop hanging techniques and provide an all-round solution in which the hanging technique, fabric and finishing interweave seamlessly and harmoniously with each other.

This mission is underpinned by the following ambitions and we work with inspiration day-in, day-out to improve on these further:

- Working through a well-balanced network of dynamic interior design specialists who are our long-term partners, and working to expand this network. These interior design specialists advise consumers and take responsibility for the fitting.
- Innovating and improving our hanging techniques and all-round solutions continuously. This is fulfilled through the R&D department and the competence centre, which develops new products and ensures quality is maintained.
- Supporting our partners with a personal after-sales service.


Curiosity: we are curious and have a thirst for knowledge of new developments.

Commitment: we are determined and will make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction.

Creativity: we put all of our creativity to work to achieve the best solutions in terms of product and service

Connection: we feel connected with our stakeholders and relevant developments around us.

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